Graduate Program in Integrative Physiology

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Integrative Physiology

Integrative Physiology is the part of the general Veterinary Sciences graduate program that is taught in Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN).  This program is for graduate students interested in working with a member of the IPN faculty, but who are not interested in a neuroscience degree.  The program is designed for maximal flexibility with the student designing his/her curriculum with their mentor to suit the goals of their specific studies.  However, because both the Program in Neuroscience and the Program in Integrative Physiology are housed in IPN, students in Integrative Physiology progress through their program parallel to the students in the Neuroscience, only the course contents are unique to each program.

For a general overview of the structure of the Program in Neuroscience, which will inform you as to the timing of major milestones in the Program in Integrative Physiology, see the Program in Neuroscience.

For IPN faculty associated with the Integrative Physiology Program see our faculty page.

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