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Rotation Talks

Rotation Talks

VBR 305

Coty Jasper
Title: Cellular Features of Noise Damage in the Zebrafish Lateral Line
Lizzy Medina
Title: Using Shank3∆C Mutants to Understand Sleep Problems in ASD
Rachel Arnold
Title: CCK Acts on Catecholamine NTS Neurons Independent of NMDA Receptors
Robert Christian
Title: Differential Roles of Anandamide and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol in Cocaine-Memory Reconsolidation
Kemal Donlic
Title: Novel zebrafish model for FASD:  ethanol perturbation of ERG responses
Mary Josten
Title: Irisin in the Developing Hippocampus
Shuyi Qi
Title: Studies in Fluorescent Calcium Imaging
Caitlin Ritchey
Title: CB1R Expression in the Developing Cerebellum
Jose Rodriguez Llamas
Title: Requirements of BDNF and TrkB for the Neurotrophic Actions of Leptin on Synaptogenesis
Reception to follow in 3rd floor hallway


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