Advanced Research Equipment

WSU's new Veterinary and Biomedical Research building is home to one of the largest sets of advanced imaging, behavioral analysis, micro-surgical, and protein purification/analysis equipment on the Pullman campus.  Managed by the department of Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience in WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine, this collection provides an invaluable set of tools that supports the leading-edge research within the department and throughout the College and University.

Equipment Scheduling and Use

Check this link to find out about scheduling, use, rates, and training for all of the IPN shared common equipment.  To discover more about some of our more advanced research tools, please review the categories below.

For a complete inventory of all IPN Department research equipment, contact Laura Kinslow.

Advanced Imaging

Leica SP8 and SP8-X point scanning mircoscopes in our Imaging Core allow for colocalization studies, live cell, label-free and 3D imaging using confocal, FRET, FRAP, deconvolution, super-continuum and spectral characterization imaging techniques.  The Leica SD6000 AF with Yokogawa spinning disk and LiveCell+ incubating stage supports studies of live cells with high speed confocal sectioning and 3D reconstruction, and TIRF microscopy.  The Olympus VivaView FL fully integrated and motorized environmentally-controlled microscope allows long-term, time-lapse, imaging of live cultures.  Multiple locations in 8 separate sample dishes can be imaged simultaneously with fluorescence or Differential Interference Contrast.  Supporting many or our researchers is the new PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum-CT Imager providing In­vivo bioluminescence, multispectral fluorescence and spectral unmixing, Cerenkov imaging for optical radiotracers, and low dose and ultra fast microCT imaging.

Behavioural Analysis

Supporting our research into stress, drug addiction, sleep and circadian rhythms, and their widespread affects on the immune system, cancer, obesity, depression, and other mental and physical health issues, is our large set of tools for assessing animal behaviours.  These tools are central to the accuracy of many studies by providing the monitoring and anaylsis of the test subjects' behavioural health and attributes.  This includes the Sable Systems Promethion metabolic and behavioral data acquisition system which provides round-the-clock synchronized measurement of separate food and water intake, physical activity, and calorimetry of up to twenty four individuals.  Also provided are a wide array of standard mental and behavioural analysis apparatuses including Barnes, elevated plus and water mazes, CPP, gait, strength and dexterity analysis systems, and also equipment for recording and analysis of ultrasonic vocalizations.

Biochemical / Protein / Genetics

The new Veterinary Biomedical Research building, is equipped for unhindered experimentation through a wide range of supporting biochemical, protein, and genetics analysis and processing equipment.  From Getinge autoclaves and glasswashers on the ground floor, to Millipore ultrapure water purifiers, and Sorval cooled benchtop ultra centrifuges located for each research neighborhood and floor.  In addition, specialized research tools for all labs are available throughout the building including real-time PCR, protein/DNA/RNA purification, freeze drying/lyophillizer, high-speed Western blotting, gel documentation, and fluorescence/luminescence/absorbance HTS plate reader.