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  • Illustration of clock and dream cloud
    What dreams may come
    If Shakespeare lived today, the playwright would surely be prescribed a sleep study. With his many references to sleep walking, apnea, insomnia, and nightmares, you can almost see the baggy-eyed bard sitting in his nightcap writing by candlelight.
    Washington State Magazine
  • Allison Coffin
    Storm runoff presents salmon with toxic one-two punch, study shows
    Even if salmon survive their initial exposure to polluted storm runoff, contaminants may leave them permanently disabled, new research shows.
    United Press International
  • Allison Coffin
    Salmon face double whammy from toxic stormwater
    WSU researchers have found that salmon face a double whammy when they swim in the stormwater runoff of urban roadways.
    WSU Insider
  • Jessica Higginbotham
    Jessica Higginbotham Awarded NIH Fellowship Grant
    Graduate student Jessica Higginbotham has been awarded a fellowship grant from the NIH entitiled Regulatory mechanisms of cocaine memory reconsolidation in the basolateral amygdala.
    Department News - IPN
  • 180129-allicoffin
    Helping scientists learn to convey their passion
    Now the WSU Vancouver assistant professor is leading her second conference on the subject, Science Talk ’18 this March 1 and 2 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. She will also lead a research communication workshop in Pullman next week.
    WSU Insider
  • Sue Ritter
    Dr. Sue Ritter Awarded American Diabetes Association Research Award
    Dr. Sue Ritter has been awarded an American Diabetes Association grant entitled "Hindbrain Catecholamine Neurons, Glucoregulation and HAAF".
    Department News - IPN
  • Melissa Vargas
    Summer SURE Student Wins ABRCMS Award
    Melissa Vargas, a summer SURE student in Dr. Rita Fuch's lab, won an award at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.
    Department News - IPN
  • Jaak Panksepp
    In Memoriam: Dr. Jaak Panksepp
    Born on 5 June 1942 in Tartu, Estonia, Dr Jaak Panksepp passed away on 18 April 2017 in Bowling Green, OH, at the age of 73. He is survived by his wife, Anesa, and their children Jules, Antonia, and Ruth.
  • Ryan McLaughlin
    Dr. Ryan McLaughlin Awarded NIH Research Grant
    Dr. Ryan McLaughlin was awarded an NIH R21 entitled “Effects of developmental cannabis exposure on prefrontocortical structure and function”.
    Department News - IPN
  • Heiko Jansen
    Drs. Heiko Jansen and Joanna Kelley Awarded International Association of Bear Research and Management Grant
    IPN's Dr. Heiko Jansen and colleague Dr. Joanna Kelley have been awarded a research grant from the International Association of Bear Research and Management (IBA).
    Department News - IPN
  • WSU Shield
    The Science Behind the Brain
    The Neuroscience Club members share a passion over their growing major and help each other succeed in challenging courses, while connecting the community with science.
    Daily Evergreen (WSU)
  • WSU Shield
    Dr. Bob Ritter Elected President of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior
    IPN's Dr. Bob Ritter has been elected the president of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior.
    Department News - IPN
  • WSU Shield
    Undergraduate Students Awarded Auvil Fellowships
    Awards received by Grace Chung, Bailey Frankovich, Shi Tan, Janelle Thomas, Collin Warrick, and Robby Boney.
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    Successful Defense: Dr. Tyler Bland
    Congratulations to Dr. Tyler Bland for his successful Ph.D. defense!
    Department News - IPN
  • WSU Shield
    Successful Defense: Dr. Alexis Mickelson
    Congratulations to Dr. Alexis Mickelson for her successful Ph.D. defense!
    Department News - IPN