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Dr. Kristen Delevich Awarded New Faculty Seed Grant

- May 7, 2021

Nine New Faculty Seed Grants have been designated to new junior-level faculty for the 2021 year. Dr. Kristen Delevich, one of IPN's faculty members, has been awarded this grant.

Below is an excerpt from WSU Insider article New Faculty Seed Grant Program announces 2021 recipients | WSU Insider | Washington State University about Delevich's plans with the funding:

"Delevich, a recent addition to the IPN faculty, will combine pubertal manipulations, pathway-specific neuroanatomical labeling, confocal imaging, and slice electrophysiology to directly compare the effects of age, sex, and pubertal status on dendritic spine pruning and synaptic physiology on two major frontal cortical pyramidal neuron types to identify promising cellular targets for future investigation of adolescent onset psychiatric disease."