IPN News

  • Graduate Student Megan Slaker Received GPSA Award of Excellence

    Neuroscience graduate student Megan Slaker was awarded the GPSA Excellence award for her contribution as a Research Assistant in Fall 2015. 

  • 8 IPN Faculty Awarded Newbrey Teaching Awards

    Several IPN faculty members have been awarded Newbrey Teaching Awards. Congratulations! 

    Cynthia Faux
    Joe Harding
    Steve Lampa
    Katrina Mealey
    Pete Meighan
    Leslie Sprunger
    Patricia Talcott
    Patrick Wilson

  • Dr. Barb Sorg Featured in WSU News

    IPN's Dr. Barb Sorg has been featured in the WSU News for research. View the entire article here: Researcher’s love of molecules is good for society too

  • New IPN Research Personnel Spotlight: Jason Nasse

    See IPN’s new research spotlight about postdoc Jason Nasse here: Research Personnel Spotlight

  • New IPN Spotlight: Lydia Baxter-Potter

    See IPN’s new graduate student spotlight about neuroscience graduate student Lydia Baxter-Potter here: Graduate Student Spotlight

  • Six Successful Preliminary Defenses!

    Congratulations to all graduate students who have passed their Preliminary Exams:

    Jesse Barnes (mentor David Rossi): Effects of Exogenous Cannabinoids on Cerebellar Development (Nov 24)

    Scott Kinlein (mentor Ilia Karatsoreos): Stress and the Brian: Exploring the Impacts of HPA Axis Dysfunction on the Mouse Prefrontal Cortex (Dec 2)

    Hiroko Shiina (mentor David Rossi):  The Effects of Nicotinics on the Developing Cerebellum (Dec 8)

    Drew Neyens (mentor Suzy Appleyard): The Effects of Leptin on NMDA Receptor Function in the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract (Dec 10)

    Brieann Satterfield (mentor Hans Von Dongen): Biomarkers of Vulnerability to Sleep Loss (Dec 16)

    Elena Skornyakov (mentor Hans Von Dongen): Effects of Sleep Restriction and Circadian Misalignment on Sleep and Performance (Dec 16)

  • Dr. John Michael Receives GPSA Award

    Congratulations to recent graduate John Michael for receiving the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Teaching Assistant award! To read more, visit the GPSA website: GPSA Excellence Awards

  • Successful Ph.D. Defense: John Michael

    Successful Ph.D. Defense - John Michael
    "Functional Effects of the H1-Helix and the Flexible Linker of Cardiac Troponin T in Health and Disease" 

  • Dr. Samantha Gizerian Awarded NACADA Advising Award

    Dr. Samantha Gizerian, advisor for the undergraduate Neuroscience program, has been awarded the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) 2016 Excellence in Advising-Faculty Advisor Award. Congratulations! 

  • Recent Neuroscience Graduate Kimberly Honn Received $1.435M Grant

    Recent Neuroscience graduate, Kimberly Honn, received a $1.435M grant to research truck driver sleep schedules and improve road safety. Read more here: Researcher's rare award may help improve road safety

  • Dr. Gizerian Awarded 2015-2016 ACADA Advisor Award

    Congratulations to the Neuroscience program's academic advisor, Dr. Sam Gizerian, for receiving the WSU Academic Advising Association (ACADA) 2015-2016 Advisor Award-Faculty Advisor category! View the article here: WSU ACADA Awards

  • Dr. Pat Hunt elected to Washington State Academy of Sciences, joining Dr. Smerdon in this elite group. Congratulations!

    SMB's Dr. Pat Hunt has been elected into the Washington State Academy of Sciences for 2015. Click here for the WSU News story: Four elected to Washington State Academy of Sciences.