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  • Dr. Jaak Panksepp on The science of laughter

    BBC Special on the science of laughter with Dr. Jaak Panksepp
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  • IPN's David Rossi, Ph.D. Featured in WSU News

    IPN faculty member David Rossi has been featured in the WSU News for his research on alcohol consumption. Read the full article here: Targeted drug makes alcohol guzzling mouse a teetotaler

  • Undergraduate Neuroscience Student Receives FUN Travel Award

    Undergraduate Neuroscience student Chloe Erikson has received a travel award from Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) to travel to the Society of Neuroscience annual meeting for a poster presentation. This travel award totals to $750. 

  • Laura Kinslow Awarded CVM Staff Excellence Award

    Congratulations to Laura Kinslow for receiving a 2016 CVM Staff Employee Excellence Award at the CVM BBQ.  This is well-deserved recognition for all the effort she makes on behalf of IPN and the CVM.

  • Neuroscience Graduate Student Katie Tyson Receives ADARP Grant

    Neuroscience graduate student Katie Tyson has received an ADARP grant that covers her tuition and salary for Fall of 2016. Congratulations! 

  • Successful Ph.D. Defense: Dr. Rong Guo

    Congratulations to Dr. Rong Guo on her successful Ph.D. defense: “Sleep Disturbances After Chronic Alcohol Consumption: Homeostatic Dysregulation or Circadian Desynchrony?” 

  • Dr. Robert Ritter Elected President of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB)

    IPN's Dr. Robert Ritter has been elected president of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) for the 2017-2018 term. 

  • Two Neuroscience Graduate Students Receive Poncin Awards

    Two neuroscience graduate students, Philip Uribe and Axel Fenwick, have received the 2016 Poncin Scholarship awards. There were only four awards available to WSU students. Congratulations!

  • Incoming Neuroscience Graduate Student, Forrest Shaffer, Receives Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarship in Track and Field

    Incoming neuroscience graduate student, Forrest Shaffer, has received the Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarship in Track and Field. The award is a one time grant totaling $9,000. 

  • Darrel Nelson Receives 2016 A/P Excellence Award

    Darrel Nelson has received the 2016 A/P Excellence Award. Click here to read more about this honor: Darrel Nelson Receives A/P Excellence Award

  • Undergraduate Advisor Dr. Samantha Gizerian Receives National Advising Award

    Neuroscience undergraduate advisor, Dr. Samantha Gizerian, has received the Outstanding Advising Award in the Faculty Advising category from the National Academic Advising Association. This is a national award and an immense honor. Congratulations to Dr. Gizerian! 

  • IPN's Dr. Cynthia Faux Receives WSU Libraries' Excellence Award

    Dr. Cynthia Faux, a clinical assistant professor in IPN, will receive the Libraries' Excellence Award on May 5th. To read more about this award, view the WSU News story: May 5: Faux to receive WSU Libraries’ Excellence Award

  • Several Neuroscience Undergraduates Awarded Office of Undergraduate Education Awards

    Congratulations to the neuroscience undergraduates that received awards at the Office of Undergraduate Education Awards Ceremony:

    International Tutor Training Program Certification:
    Samantha Gottlieb

    Harold and Jeanne Rounds Olsen Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Writing:
    Jennifer Glover
    Halle Weimar

    SURCA Honorable Mention:
    Angela Rocchi
    Halle Weimar

  • Successful Ph.D. Defense: Megan Slaker

    Congratulations to Megan Slaker for her successful Ph.D. thesis defense entitled "Caught in the net: Perineuronal nets and cocaine memory". 

  • 2016 Poster Session and Scholarship Event Awards 3 Neuroscience Scholarships

    Congratulations to the 2016 Neuroscience scholarship awardees:
    Jennifer Glover
    Nicholas Greene
    Halle Weimar

    View the photos from the poster session here: 2016 Poster Session

  • Neuroscience Graduate Student Axel Fenwick Receives NSF Honorable Mention

    Neuroscience graduate student Axel Fenwick has received an honorable mention from the National Science Foundation for the Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts of his proposed work. Congratulations! 

  • Neuroscience Undergraduate Angela Rocchi for Goldwater Honorable Mention

    Congratulations to undergraduate Neuroscience student Angela Rocchi for receiving the Goldwater Honorable Mention award! 

  • Congratulations to Neuroscience SURCA Winners!

    Congratulations to the Neuroscience SURCA Winners! 


    Chloe Erikson and mentor Brendan Walker, Gray Award

    In the SOCIAL SCIENCES category:
    Darian Sidebottom and mentor Cristina Wilson, Gray Award

    Brittany Cole and mentor Mike Varnum, Crimson Award
    Forrest Shaffer and mentor Jim Peters, Gray Award
    Julianna Brutman and mentor Jon Davis, Gray Award

  • Neuroscience Gradaute Student Phillip Uribe Wins 3MT Contest

    Congratulations to Neuroscience graduate student Phillip Uribe for winning the 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) contest! His award includes a $3,000 travel grant to a conference of his choice. Read the article in the WSU News here: Engaging research summary wins Three Minute Thesis 

  • Dr. James Peters Receives Student Technology Fee Committee Request for Funding

    IPN’s Dr. James Peters has been granted funding from the Student Technology Fee Committee resulting from his presentation: Competitive Upgrade to Undergraduate Neuroscience/Physiology Program Equipment, the goal of which is to provide a digital dissecting microscope and to expand lab capacity with a recording system in McCoy 201N. The request will result in the Student Technology Fee Committee recommending an allocation of $54,500 to the Board of Regents at their next meeting.